Zini Couture

Back in 2010, when we got started in the fashion business, we were a nobody, so to speak when compared to the big names and popular brands that were blazing the trail, but that never bothered us, because we knew that once we kept the vision in sight we could carve for the Zini Couture Brand the respect it deserved. We started out with very little cash and an idea, one that would revolutionize the concept of bespoke clothing in Nigeria…we had our work cut out and needless to say we hit the streets.

They say the best place to learn a craft is on the streets, because it trains you and toughens you up to face the real world. Our first customer when we got started was a close friend who was currently working and wanted to add a corporate shirt to her delicate taste of clothing.

Today, it’s not a big deal running into customers like her that want a change in their style, but then it was. She was our first customer…you can imagine the fear that swirled up within.

Fear of what the next step is going to be like.

We literally went out of our way to make sure she got exactly what she wanted. We wanted to prove to the customers that they could rely on Zini Couture when it came to bespoke clothing.

A lot of folks would want to be in our shoes right now, with the publicity and growing number of satisfied customers ranging from celebrities to top executives of big corporations but that would be very naive as they are only seeing the tip of the iceberg, the major part of the work is backstage.

And backstage is where hours of brainstorming takes place.

Most people believed in patronizing foreign brands; the likes of Thomas Pink, T.M. Lewin, Hawes & Curtis and the rest in that league for the simple reason, that they perceived these brands to be the best when it came to corporate shirts, whilst those made in Nigeria were substandard.

No doubt we have a lot of respects for these brands and agree to the fact that they have quality as their watchword, but we still believed that bespoke clothing in Nigeria hadn’t been given the platform it truly deserved and we were going to prove it.

That was our unique selling point.

We derived pleasure in challenging the norm, when it came to bespoke clothing…the Zini Couture brand was going to chart a new course and give a new meaning to the corporate wears.

We believe in commitment, not just in our business but to our customers and we strive everyday to show it in the different styles we come up with.

Yes, we have impersonators, but the truth is we just can’t be duplicated because you must have being at the drawing board 3 years ago, where the plan was first drafted to come up with something as genuine as what we have.

No hard feelings.

No apologies.

We just simply are the best at what we do and if you doubt it ask our loyal customers why they keep coming back.


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